Mica Suppliers - Waterproofing

Duram proudly produces high quality coatings for the South African market, the Duram range includes coatings for waterproofing, floors and metal. With over 30 years of experience and knowledge you can be assured that when purchasing a Duram product from their innovative range you will be making an investment in a market-leading product. Duram focus all expertise on innovative thinking to manufacture intelligent paints that improve your assets lifespan. Duram is a proudly South African product and is manufactured to survive our unique climate and fully adheres to local and international standards. Pick Duram and support economic sustainability by supporting proudly South African products.

Abe is a leading provider of cost-effective and innovative waterproofing products within the South African market. Abe supplies custom and specialized products to retailers, construction and maintenance also including civil engineering industries. Distributing from their two manufacturing plants within South Africa, making supply easy and efficient for Abe. Abe’s product line is guaranteed for its high quality and ranges from waterproofing, flooring and more. Abe products are a good value-for-money local waterproofing solution.

Sika is a trusted South African brand supplying specialised solutions to the building and construction industries. Sika is in the business of providing a value-added service and a 360 solution for the building and construction industries within South Africa. Sika is a multi-domestic company that is focused on the needs and satisfaction of its clients. With a diversified product range, Sika manufactures solutions for a range of industries. SIka also offers a broad waterproofing solution for industry and retail.