Mica Suppliers - Paint Accessories

Academy Brushware produce top quality brushware for industry and retail. Academy Brushware manufacture and distribute a wide range of superior quality paintbrushes manufactured form a vast range of fabrics. The Academy range varies between the traditional to the substantial roller brush and produced for commercial and industrial purposes. Academy Brushware produce a wide range of domestic brushes, brooms, mops and more. Academy Brushware also manufactures specialised and exact brushware for industrial use.

Hamilton’s brushes guarantee a perfect finish every time with their wide varied choice of brushes. Looking for that perfect finish? Hamilton’s guarantees complete satisfaction from their entire product range offering. Manufacturers and distributors of brushes, rollers and painting essentials may be Hamilton’s trade but they strive to ensure perfect finishes and consumer satisfaction. Hamilton’s offers you a range of painting essentials to bring your creativity to life with a boost of efficiency.

Need coating or waterproofing? Try Powafix. Powafix is a leading waterproofing, chemical and solvent dealer to the paint, construction and allied trades. Distributors of high quality product ranges across South Africa and surrounds, Powafix guarantee satisfaction and strive to meet the needs of their customers. Powafix distribute to retailers via their nationwide network of branches. All products carry a 100% money back guarantee to reinforce consumer satisfaction. This is also accompanied by a varied range of products for a range of industries – decorative coatings, waterproofing, chemicals, metal treatments and so much more. Powafix strive to supply good quality value-for-money essentials to meet your needs.

Need a spray paint that will last? Sprayon provides a wide range of spray paints in a multitude of colours for a range of applications. A quality spray paint and maintenance supplier to retailers nationwide since 1960, Sprayon has an offering for all users. Sprayon has the paint for you whether you are a DIY buff or a street artist – some of the paints in the range include: standard, metallic, spray glow, window tint and graffiti remover. Sprayon spray paints appeal to wide market from home, hobby and DIY including the motor industries. Visit your local Mica to pick up a can of Sprayon today.