Mica Suppliers - Paint

Plascon is an extremely well known paint supplier brand in South Africa. Plascon is a household name across South Africa offering a wide range of paints and some of the best offerings on wall coatings. Whether you are looking to paint your home or any surface, Plascon has a paint solution and colour to suit your needs and tastes. Locally based, Plascon is innovative and dedicated to supplying paint that is cost-effective, long lasting and high quality. Plascon’s range of paints is suitable for renovations and can assist in improving homes aesthetically while preventing future wear and tear. For excellent deals on Plascon products get to your nearest Mica.

We all know the catch phrase “Don’t just stick it … Bostik it!”. As much as DIY lovers love the phrase they love and trust Bostik products even more. Bostik is a well-known and trusted adhesive product that features in many South African’s stationery repertoire today. Bostik manufactures a range of adhesive products such as glues, tapes and prestik. The brand is known for its reliable quality and value for money. Whether you need general school or office stationery, arts and crafts products or even stationery for more industrial use, Bostik’s products can be relied upon to get the job done effectively.