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The Cadac brand has been at the heart of the South African braai for over 60 years, starting out as the humble blue LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) cylinder and growing into a range of products taking the braai to an expert level. As a product stockist of the Cadac brand, Mica offers you a wide range of all their available products. Cadac was established within the South African market over 60 years ago introducing South Africans and their braais to the little blue cylinder. Over the years Cadac has expanded their range beyond the gas cylinder. Their range has grown to include a full braai solution from entertaining at home to cooking on the beach – Cadac has the skottel and solution for you. Constantly striving to offer new solutions and products with their creative and innovative to make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable, it’s no wonder Cadac is a trusted brand amongst South African households.

With a range of gas lifestyle products, Alva has the gas and gas braai accessories you need. A preferred choice amongst gas braai enthusiasts. Alva has been a preferred lifestyle choice within households with their wide range of outdoor products. The Alva range is not just a braai range but manufactures a range of products for outdoor adventure. Ranging from barbeques to outdoor and indoor heaters, camping equipment and gas cylinders, Alva has the solution for you. Mica proudly stocks Alva products for all your gas solution needs, Alva is a forward thinking manufacturer who adds a contemporary mode of living to your outdoor entertainment.

Agrinet is the proud Sub-Saharan Africa supplier and distributor of a range of products from industrial to irrigation supplying to the agricultural and retail markets. As a full service wholesaler Agrinet strives to keep their vast range of products up to date with the latest technologies placing their core focus on industrial and agricultural essentials. A locally established distributor, Agrinet holds a wide selection of 16 000 products within their scope, a definite all round supplier and trusted distributor when sourcing agricultural and irrigation solutions. Choose from a vast range of Agrinet products at your local Mica. We have the irrigation solution you’re looking for.

Prodist is a trusted Mica supplier of agricultural equipment, hardware, irrigation and more! This respected business coins the slogan “demand, supply, trust” because of Prodist’s attention to the growth of an efficient agricultural and hardware channel. They are proud suppliers of agricultural, automotive, irrigation, clothing, construction, gardening, forestry, outdoor, household, camping, power products and much more! To browse their great range of products simply visit your nearest Mica Hardware.

Weber is the ultimate name in kettle braais. A brand that puts a sense of expertise into grilling with a braai. The Weber kettle braai was born in 1951 and designed by George Stephen, its shape was born from the frustration with open grills, which gets exposed to the elements. Stephen realized this sphere shape with legs would be a solution to his frustrations when he was working in a metal works company welding buoys. This brilliant invention revolutionized the way we grill in this modern day – a Weber can smoke, grill and steam. Making you a gourmet griller in your own backyard. With their ever-growing product range and worldwide accessibility, Weber is the best choice in the name of grilling and the South African braai.

A quality Liquid Petroleum Gas within industry and households, Easigas has built a trusted name among the South African market. Easigas is a clean and pure source of energy and has established its name within the South African market by supplying high quality LPG products for over 30 years. With an all round solution for the consumer and industry markets, Easigas strives to improve and innovate their offering. LPGas is known to be long lasting and sustainable, it has a range of benefits including the control of heat accuracy during cooking and instantaneous water heating for 24 hours. Visit your local Mica for more information on the benefits of LPG and Easigas products.