Mica Suppliers - Hand Tools

Matus is a trusted brand in the field of top quality hardware tools and brands. Matus is a reputable and trusted name in the hand tool category. Matus supplies and distributes power tools, air tools, compressors, generators, adhesives, welding and safety equipment, abrasives, garden tools and much, much more. If you are looking for a variety of high quality hardware products you can trust Matus as your hard working brand. With over 22 000 products of the highest quality and branches all over South Africa, Mica is proud to stock the Matus brand.

We all know the catch phrase “Don’t just stick it … Bostik it!”. As much as DIY lovers love the phrase they love and trust Bostik products even more. Bostik is a well-known and trusted adhesive product that features in many South African’s stationery repertoire today. Bostik manufactures a range of adhesive products such as glues, tapes and prestik. The brand is known for its reliable quality and value for money. Whether you need general school or office stationery, arts and crafts products or even stationery for more industrial use, Bostik’s products can be relied upon to get the job done effectively.

Webco is a local hand tool manufacturer and distributor. Webco has over 100 years of experience and strives to create a wide variety of affordable, quality hand tools. Webco places a great amount of focus on quality and innovation when creating their tools. This brand is dedicated to meeting their customer’s needs. Webco not only supply to the mining industry but also manufacture and distribute to the retail industry, producing a range for both DIY and gardening. All Webco tools carry a lifetime guarantee and a promise of customer satisfaction.

Prodist is a trusted Mica supplier of agricultural equipment, hardware, irrigation and more! This respected business coins the slogan “demand, supply, trust” because of Prodist’s attention to the growth of an efficient agricultural and hardware channel. They are proud suppliers of agricultural, automotive, irrigation, clothing, construction, gardening, forestry, outdoor, household, camping, power products and much more! To browse their great range of products simply visit your nearest Mica Hardware.

Topline is a trusted brand in the supply chain of hand tools to digging tools. Topline is an excellent brand choice for hardware products ranging from hand tools to digging products. With over 20 years experience this brand is firmly established as a cutting-edge name in hardware with a dedication to constantly creating more and more innovative products. Some of Topline trusted brands include Rolson, Rapid, Happy Cloud, Terrax and Red Tool Box with Topline also offering a house brand. This ensures Topline can offer their clients the very best value-for-money. For quality Topline products visit your nearest Mica store.