Mica Suppliers - Building Accessories

MiTek has a stellar reputation as the one of the best Timer Roof Truss System Suppliers globally. A global brand and supplier dedicated to providing high quality roof truss solutions for even the most complicated roofing issues. MiTek is the only Truss Systems producer within South Africa awarded with the ISO 9001:2008 certification and strives to provide only the best in quality products. MiTek ensures dedication to provide professional and structurally sound engineering elements and constant innovation and research to continue their reign as construction and roof design leaders.

Kayreed forms part of a leading distributor of wood based panels, KayDav. Kayreed is a trusted brand for quality wood boards and panels. Kayreed is a South African leader in upgrading and supplier of wood-based panels, producing panels via the compression of wood waste into solid panels. Wood based panels serve a multitude of purposes and is an important element to the construction, furniture and shop fitting industries.

TFC supplies high quality tile and floor-cleaning products for both consumer and industry use. TFC products provide cleaning, sealing and maintenance properties to a wide range of flooring. TFC’s high quality products can be applied on porcelain tiles, concrete, sandstone, granite, wood and so much more. TFC cleaning products are an excellent solution to achieve that sparkling look on your floors. Made from the best ingredients, TFC provides sealers for a multitude of applications. Also providing polishers, finishes and strippers to remove glue, wax polish, oils and bitumen.

Genesis manufactures a leading brand of metal fixtures and trimmings with a distribution to retail wholesalers both locally and globally. Genesis manufactures an innovative and technologically up to date finishing solution for a variety of needs. Genesis offers a range of products that comprises of a variety of trimmings and fixtures to solve all finishing issues for both the beginner and professional. The Genesis product range is designed and developed under strict standards. Choose Genesis as your preferred choice in trimmings and fixtures for all your finishing needs.